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Energy ratings

The purchase of windows in a house is a major project, especially knowing that they will be effective for at least the next 20 years. Knowing that the heat loss of a house are due to 25% of all openings of a home, it is significant to make the right choice not to waste energy.
Energy Star® certificationThe ER (energy efficiency rating) given to certified Energy Star® products is calculated using a formula that establishes a relationship between a product's heat transfer rate, its airtightness and its solar heat gain coefficient . The Higher this number is, higher the product effectiveness will be in terms of energyefficiency. The RE values range stands between 0 to 50. Replacing all of your windows and your doors with Energy Star® qualified products will make you save up to 10{237a50f5f7f39daff0e049a3fcce583063b40d1d04853a16758dff13f5e3658b} on your heating costs.
Zones d'efficacité énergétique
Certified Energy Star® doors and windows meet specific requirements for energy efficiency for four climate zones in Canada (A, B, C or D). In Quebec, the minimum requirement is a B zone
Thermal Performance

The Energy Efficiency Rating (ER) of a door or a window is calculated using three factors:

  • Solar heat gain
  • Thermal loss
  • Heat loss caused by air leakage
Climate Zone ER Minimal Index
B 25
C 29
D 34
All our doors and windows meet the new higher standards Energy Star®. The Energy Star® certification is made possible by our products of high quality design that combines a sealed unit containing argon filled gas and a Low-E film HER on the outer glass. See the sidebar for more information sealed unit.Canadian Energy Star requirements are divided into four zones. Although southern Quebec is in the B Zone, Auroral offers product that are certified in the C zone. A window and a door, that as a rating that surpasses our zone will provide better energy efficiency, and will therefore be more effecient and result on lowering energy costs .
Our global certification code is NR 6884
Please refer to our product specifications to compare energy-efficient ratings. Both informative capsules explain how and why choose Energy Star® doors and windows.
Why choose certified windows Energy Star®
How to choose certified windows Energy Star®


Auroral's doors and windows always outperform the industries standards

In Canada, the CSA-440 norm is used to measure the resistance of a window and doors in all weather conditions (A3, B7 and C5 being the best ratings returns):

  • Airtightness
  • A1 to A3
  • Canada's maximum standard
  • Water tightness
  • B1 to B7
  • Canada's maximum standard
  • Deflection under uniform load
  • C1-C5
  • Canada's maximum standard

Foiled wood imitation finish

Foiled wood imitation finish is unique to Auroral. We offer a perfect wood imitation, the will impress the fine connaiseure . So enjoy the beauty and realism of our foiled imitation wood finish on our doors and windows without the hassle and maintenance of natural wood.

Wood finish


The main advantage of a foiled extrusion is that they retain their appearance as well as their original luster for their entire lifespan. This is possible due to the high quality film of the RENOLIT EXOFOL FX. The film is very resistant to changes in temperature, weather, chemicals and UV rays of the sun.

Minimal maintenance

Upkeep of foiled doors and windows is minimal, the surface is so smooth it does not allow the accumulation of dirt. This finish is so easy to clean that you can easily remove unwanted graffiti. Imagine the ease of cleaning of your new windows and doors!

Moreover, it requires no finish sanding or varnishing since they are not affected by the deterioration of natural wood (rot, blackening) caused in part by moisture frequently causing a malfunction of the mechanism.

Technical Details

This foil is composed of five keys Layers.
  1. PVDF Transparent Layer
  2. PMMA Transparent Film
  3. Ink
  4. PMMA Pigmented Film with SST
  5. Priming Layer
The first layer is a primer.The second and third layer are the most important, since it is thanks to them that we can reproduce an imitation wood grain as accurate. The second layer is composed of a PMMA film (polymethylmethacrylate) is a transparent acrylic that is highly scratche and shock resistant.This film is impregnated with a texture wood grain imitation. An ink layer containing infrared reflective sunlight (SST) pigment is then applied to obtain a genuine imitation wood. Such protection is essential, since it reduces the heat on the doors and windows, while maintaining the original color of the imitation wood. We subsequently applied another layer of transparent PMMA to seal it off. It enables it with better scratch and shock resistance. Finally, a layer of PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride film) is applied as a transparent protective plastic film of high quality. This type of material is used for its high weather resistance. His performance is so impressive that it is used in the aerospace industry.


The results of the internationally renowned test RAL-GZ 716 show that the film exceeds the highest industry standards. With these results, our supplier increased it's guarantee to 12.5 years. Compared to traditional factory applied paint that is guarantee 10 years, the laminated wood imitation finish happens to be a favorite choice.


Renolit SE, , is an European internationally renowned company that produces films for over 30 years. Their latest film version sold worldwide, the EXOFOL, will be a product of choice for many years.

Insulate glass unit now on a 20 years warranty

Knowing that over 75% of a window surface is occupied by a insulate glass unit (often called thermos), it is essential to choose its right composition. Energy costs constantly rising, a unit with high energy efficiency will maximize the return on your investment. Our Insulate glass unit are argon filled and have a Low-E HER film. This type of unit will double your energy efficiency rating. Moreover, they will protect your belongings against ultraviolet rays and damage from the sun.
Exemple 01 et 02 des fenêtres
Exemple 03 et 04 des fenêtres
If you want optimum energy performance that will bring you unparalleled comfort, it is better to opt for a sealed unit with3 layers of glass enclosing two argon filled gas and two Low-E film HER. A choice obviously more efficient than the insulate glass unit with 2 layers of glass. These insulate glass unit are used when you have large areas of glass to cover or to optimize your efficiency ratings, and comfort.
Double glass and triple glass energy performance
If your goal is to mute the sound, the laminited sealed unit is your best option.It's configuration consists of an exterior glass pane and an interior laminated glass pane. You will get a great sound reduction performance STC (sound transmission class) of 42. It will reduce the sound of 42 dB compared to the regular insulated glass of 3mm pane reducing the sound of only 26 dB.
Laminated glass double energy performance

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