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08 March  2021

Advantages of fiberglass doors

In a society where home security has become a priority, fiberglass doors are waiting for you.

Do you embrace technologies in your home to increase its security? Do you prefer something modern over something traditional? Do you like to be fashionable? If your answer to these three questions is a resounding YES, then you are ready to try our amazing fiberglass doors in your home.

Fiberglass doors: why are they recommended?

As human beings, we are always on a never-ending quest for absolute security. And on many occasions, we fail to find it. This is the reason that opens the way for fiberglass doors to provide the security you long for in your home.

Thanks to the technological and modern design, fiberglass doors have a revolutionary feature, in the broad meaning of the word. And it is precisely the word that determines the future of our insatiable search for maximum security in our homes.

There have been many varieties of predecessor doors that paved the way to a new alternative to eliminate uncertainty once and for all. This is how fiberglass technology was incorporated into a door, with the objective of keeping your home safe, adapting to climate changes, offering durability and high resistance.

Technology is as modern as you are

New technologies are available to those who decide it's time to make a positive change. And in this case, traditional, old-fashioned doors are not as effective as the modern, more efficient doors currently on the market.

That's why the technology is as modern as you decide it to be. So, you will realize that security is expensive, but your life will reward you for it.

Likewise, at Auroral we have prepared a list of advantages for you, so that you know the wonders that fiberglass doors have for you.

Advantages of fiberglass doors

Unlike their cousins, wood doors and steel doors, fiberglass doors have unbeatable and very special functionalities that will make your home a safe, resistant and modernized den.


The technology of fiberglass doors is unique. And thanks to its excellent results, it has been replicated hundreds of times to guarantee the durability of the doors.

Wood, vinyl and steel look obsolete in the face of fiberglass. Fiberglass does not rust, does not corrode, does not bend easily, and can withstand noticeable temperature changes, with cold being a major threat. However, it is strong enough to be installed and provide security for more than 10 years.


Due to its layers of fiberglass, doors designed with this material are perfect opponents of air and temperature. In addition, it provides an excellent barrier against thermal transfer, so neither heat nor cold could affect the comfort inside your home.


One of the most pleasing advantages of fiberglass doors is their reduced amount of maintenance, during their lifetime. From the moment they are designed, these doors carry an integral color that covers all their surfaces. So, when the door suffers a scratch or wear and tear over time, the coating will make it more difficult for the damage to be noticeable.

This fiberglass material guarantees a long life to the doors of your home, unlike wood or steel doors, which will require more frequent and constant maintenance.

External design

Fiberglass is not enough? Not at all! This type of door has the advantage of being able to imprint any type of design and style, and thus imitate other more conventional and trendy materials.

It's really easy to get a wood look on your fiberglass door, as well as a steel, vinyl, panel, etc. look. Just take your pick and you'll have a unique look.

Size Customization

It doesn't matter the size of the room, because fiberglass can be customized for any size of doors. Whether it's a bedroom or an entrance door to your home, the sizes won't be a problem for you.

However, you must remember that the bigger the door, the more expensive it will be.


Attaching all the above advantages, fiberglass doors maintain an exquisite composition, especially Auroral doors.

Our fiberglass doors are composed of solid wood blocks, engineered wood, and on top of them, we place the molded fiberglass sheets, ensuring superior design and unmatched quality.

In addition, they have a high-quality polyurethane insulation system, which provides better insulation performance and resistance.

If you want to know more about our fiberglass doors, please contact us.

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