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Innovative design, infinite possibilities of openings!

The tilt and turn mechanism offers a conventional inward oppening and tilts to allow a good air circulation.

Windows Tilt & Turn

More than an added value

The tilt and turn window is a high-quality alternative to all other window products available on the market. Its sleek and minimalist design offers great possibility to transform your home. Its mullion free conception will allows to flood light in your room. It is the ultimate window in terms of mechanism operation, security and innovation. This architectural element will bring great value to your home.

Energy efficiency

With multipoint locks that compress the weatherstripping, tilt and turn windows have a high energy efficiency rating to keep warmth during the harshest winters and cool during hot summer days.


With a top quality hardware that has multiple anchor, the tilt and turn window is the window that offer the best security.

Low maintenance for the lifetime of the window

The profiles of the tilt and turn windows are made from a uPVC ​ virgin powder, for you to enjoy our product for many years without having to worry about maintenance. Very resistant to aging and yellowing, our uPVC has a smooth surface that prevents dirt accumulation.

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  1. The product structure can accommodate a triple insulated glass unit having a thickness of 1 ⅜ inch, which improves energy efficiency and acoustic properties.
  2. Our frames are made of four air chambers without any thermal breaks, resulting of an increased energy efficiency.
  3. Our sectional sturdy frames reinforced with steel permits us to built a window with minimal restrictions. We can build a window of 40 inches wide and 8 feet high.
  4. A two way operation window, swinging inwards and tilt for optimal ventilation.
  • Double pane insulated unit with Low-E HER argon gas

  • Triple pane insulated units (single or double Low-E HER argon gas)

  • White or black isolated spacer (inex)

  • Large selection of grilles

  • Fake mullions of different widths and thicknesses

  • Tempered glass

  • Laminated glass

  • Handle available in several colors and finishes

Auroral standard

Energy Star® Result - Coming Soon

Energy Star® Result

Coming Soon

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Specifications - Tilt and turn window


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